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Akeso Oral Surgery

5 out of 5 stars based on 83 reviews.

Patient Review By Calvin M

Dr Natoya Reid corrected a tooth extraction for me and removed some bone. The care was excellent, quick and painless. She was very reassuring and talked me through the procedure which helped reduce my anxiety. The support staff were also courteous and the office was clean and friendly. The appointment ran on time, there was ample parking so I was quite satisfied. I have been recommending friends and won't hesitate to return to see Dr Reid when I need another procedure done.

- Calvin M

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Patient Review By William B

Dr. Reid, Dental assistant Terrance were great, friendly and pleasant to be around as I was scared/anxious about my wisdom teeth extraction on October 8, yet I was done in 50 minutes flat, a terrific time for such a scary procedure if you're nervous. I recommend Dr Reid and Nottingham Oral Surgery.

- William B

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Patient Review By William B

I was very nervous, anxious but with Dr Reid and the assistant Terrance, I got calm and both got my procedure done in 50 minutes flat.

- William B

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review By Ed S

Dr. Lyn and his staff were great to work with. They worked around my busy schedule and made sure I was informed during every step of the process. I would highly recommend Dr. Lyn!

- Ed S

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review By Sean E

I was thoroughly pleased with how the procedure went. I know these experiences are individual, but I've had minimal pain and I feel great! I had some concerns post procedure, which were immediately answered by the staff and from a phone call from Dr. Lyn. The experience has been great! Will recommend to any of my friends and family!

- Sean E

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Patient Review By Rachel A

In 2018, I started having severe headaches that wouldn't go away on Excedrin alone. I found out from my dentist it was due to severe nocturnal bruxism and my TMJ disease was getting tons worse, when I thought it was getting better ever since Dr. Krupp from Krupp center took out all four wisdom teeth four years ago. After my dentist made me a new mouth guard, it still didn't work. I was still feeling the nasty firey pain all over my face. He referred me to Dr. Trevann Lyn here, and his office was very convenient because I live literally five minutes down the street from him. He took one look at me and my mouth guard (I'm a clencher) and he said he knew what to do to help me, the one treatment that was most effective and that cost less. I didn't want to go through surgery again, so Dr. Lyn suggested getting Botox for TMJ chronic pain. He was able to see me quickly in June, and I was able to pay in full up front- it's a couple hundred dollars less than what I paid for my wisdom teeth surgery. I was able to eat breakfast before the appointment, because I was awake, and it was done in 10-20 minutes. Procedure feels as painless as getting your ears pierced. Believe it or not, I started feeling better in just the first hour after getting it done, and it wasn't just because I took an Excedrin that day because I came into his office with a nasty headache and I'd been crying. I'm using less and less Excedrin and Imitrex every day now, and there's less tension in the neck and lower jaw. I'm going back in tomorrow for my second dose and I'm already excited, because I hate this disease, living with anxiety and bipolar disorders and not being allowed to de-stress by singing karaoke or chewing bubblegum: both of those things are forbidden if you have TMJ disorders! With a little more time to heal, I'll be ready for that karaoke contest semifinals in two weeks! Thanks, Dr. Lyn, you're a sweetheart!

- Rachel A

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Patient Review By Erna S

My doctor, Natoya Reid, was very friendly and patient with me. I had an intense reaction to the injection medicine, my hands became all numb and I was breathing rapidly. She cared for my safety, asked what I wanted to do and waited until I was safe before proceeding with the surgery.

- Erna S

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Patient Review By Nancy C

I am a dental hygienist and we refer many patients to Dr Lyn. We always get positive feedback about the care they received. I personally visited his office recently for both of my sons. He removed their wisdom teeth and they both had a very good experience. Dr Lyn and his staff explained everything to them and provided the service very quickly. They both healed well and did not have any complications. I will continue to refer to Nottingham Oral Surgery because my patients are always happy and my family was also!

- Nancy C

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Patient Review By Carolyn H

If there were more stars, I would give an even higher rating. Everyone - staff and doctor - were wonderful. Attentive, professional, sympathetic. I had significant, infected, tori and my dentist made an emergency referral to Dr. Lyn, who saw me that day, and operated the next. He had to cut out a lot of bone, on both sides of my mouth, but he did a fabulous job. Recovery pain was manageable, under his excellent instructions. He saw me numerous times post operation, to make sure I was healing properly, and to answer all my questions. He went out of his way to explain things, and to reassure me through the process, including making suggestions of what to eat during the recovery, which was difficult given the extensiveness of the surgery and the size of the resulting wounds. I had been very fearful going into the surgery, but every step of the way, he allayed my fears in a sympathetic and professional manner. While I wouldn't wish this kind of surgery on anyone, if you need to have it, I would recommend Dr. Lyn without reservation.

- Carolyn H

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Patient Review By Michael K

Dr. Reid did my initial consult and wisdom tooth extraction. Every step explained to my satisfaction. The actual extraction was easier than my dentist’s last root canal! All staff interaction was fantastic.

- Michael K

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review By Holly D

The office was closing early the day I was seen.My dentist got a hold of the office at about 1:20pm and told me if I came in now I could be seen. They were closing at 2! They stayed an extra hour just to get me in. The surgeon that removed my tooth was amazing. She was very sweet, gentle and made sure I was okay through the whole process (anxiety). After the numbing injection I didn’t feel anything but pressure. I’d recommend them to anyone.

- Holly D

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Patient Review By Rose K

I was a bundle of nerves coming into the office. I didn't know any doctor here. When Dr. Lyn first came into the room, he shook my hand and asked how I was. He is a very personable and friendly doctor! He extracted my tooth effortlessly and within a minute! I was so happy it was done. I totally recommend him to anyone needing his services. Thank You Dr. Lyn!!!

- Rose K

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Patient Review By Gwen T

Three months ago, my daughter had all four wisdom teeth removed at one appointment under IV sedation, the visit was great...all of the staff was excellent at comforting both my daughter and myself. Her recovery was uneventful and the areas all healed nicely. Her general dentist said at her recent check up it was as if nothing was ever done, she has healed perfectly!

- Gwen T

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Patient Review By Paul S

After many years of denture movement and loose teeth pain, I found the solution with Dr. Lyn and his staff. Every step was explained in detail and what to expect after the surgery and the new dental prosthetic. I recommend Dr. Lyn and his staff to anyone in need of oral surgery.

- Paul S

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Patient Review By Shakira K

Dr Lyn was awesome! This was my first time meeting him and I have to say I was really nervous due to just meeting him a week ago and getting my surgery the following week. His professionalism and knowledge is what will keep me coming back if need be. But the dental assistant that was assigned to me, Kate I believe is her name was very rude and seemed to have a bit of an attitude. She showed NO empathy whatsoever and honestly could careless if I was comfortable with procedure before hand. She was very short with me, didn’t seem to want to answer my questions, snippy, she could see that I was nervous and actually crying and not once asked me was there something she could do to make things better. I didn’t want the procedure but I knew I needed it and you would think she would had made me feel a little bit more comfortable. I even tried to start a conversation with her to help calm my nerves and she completely ignored me. I couldn’t tell if she had a personal issue with me or maybe she was having a bad day. Nonetheless, she is a poor representation of your practice and patients come first. She needs to learn how to empathize with patients. It wasn’t until Dr Lyn entered the room and could tell I was nervous and started talking to me which allowed me to calm down. Kate’s disposition and demamor had even changed in a postive way when he came so I’m not sure what was going on but if I was to come back she absolutely cannot not be assigned to my procedure. I was going to ask for another DA but didn’t want to be there no longer than I had to so I didn’t bother to say nothing. But Taylor, your front desk receptionist was very very nice and attentive to all my needs and concerns. She could’ve been my DA instead.

- Shakira K

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Patient Review By Sarah T

- Sarah T

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Patient Review By Logan D

I just took my 17-year-old son there to have oral surgery removing all four of his wisdom teeth at once the staff the doctors and everyone were so wonderful one of the best places I’ve ever been

- Logan D

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Patient Review By Danielle D

I was extremely terrified as I have never had an extraction or been put to sleep before. Everyone was comforting and helpful through the whole process. The surgeon must have done an excellent job as I am in almost zero pain. Thanks to everyone in this office!

- Danielle D

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Patient Review By Jocelyn S

The patient (my daughter) is autistic and everyone went out of their way to accommodate her and make this experience as pleasant as possible.

- Jocelyn S

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review By Stacey S

I brought my 17 year old daughter to have her wisdom teeth removed. The doctor and staff made this a very easy process for her and myself. I would recommend this office to any parent looking for help with their child.

- Stacey S

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